Nine Stars


  • Nine stars Co. Ltd. was established in early 2024 in Koga City, Ibaraki Province, Japan.
  • We are a general trading and manufacturing company committed to provide high quality products and services.
  • As a community-based company, we are seeking the balance between economic and social benefits. Thus, sustainability and equity are our core values.


To deliver sustainable high-quality products and services and empower communities to achieve their social, environmental and economic goals.


To be a global player in fair trading for environmentally friendly products and services.

Our Philosophy

  • The company logo consists of 3 (three) parts:
    • Star image;
    • The kanji Kyū (九) which also represents the letters N and U;
    • The upward arrow connects the kanji Kyū (九)
  • The logo means:
    • The five-pointed star represents the pillars of Islam and Pancasila, the foundations for Indonesian Muslim.
    • The kanji Kyu means 9 which is the number of stars on the Indonesian Nahdlatul Ulama’s symbol and is modified with an upward arrow to reflect the letters N and U, as well as shows a strong desire to continue to develop towards the top of the ladder both in this world and in the afterlife.

Our Fields of Business

  • Production and sales of agricultural and livestock products
  • Import/export and sales of food, daily necessities, machinery, and machine tools
  • Business related to intermediation of overseas travel and domestic travel
  • Halal food inspection and certification according to Islamic law
  • Sales of clothing, food, and general daily necessities
  • Worker outsourcing
  • Management of cafeterias and restaurants
  • Manufacture and sale of metal and plastic daily goods
  • Secondhand goods sales and consignment sales
  • Rental business of household daily necessities
  • All businesses related to the preceding items

Current Shareholders

  • PCINU Jepang (51%)
  • Individuals (49%)

Our Management

  • President Director | Ismail
  • General Manager | Achmad Gazali
  • Strategic Business Manager | Khristian Arianto
  • Project Managers
    • Suliyanto
    • Jarot Mahardika
  • Senior Advisor | Yoshiharu YAMADA

Office Address

Koga-City, Ibaraki,
Japan, 306-0112